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By taking interest in your privacy and safety, you have proven
yourself to be above the rest. You can never have enough
information. Information is power and the more informed you as
a user become the less likely you are to fall prey to the sharks of
the Internet.
In this manual, I will cover with you things that may scare you.
Some things may even make you paranoid about having a
computer. Don’t be discouraged though, as I will also tell you
how to protect yourself. The reasons for telling you the “dirt” if
you will is that I feel it important for you to know what is at risk.
I wrote this manual as a guide. To show you how hackers gain
access to your system using security flaws and programs. The
theory goes that if you are aware of what they are doing and how
they are doing it you’ll be in a much better position to protect
yourself from these attacks.
(Through out this manual you will see reference to the term
“Hacker.” This is a term I use very loosely for these individuals.)
These are just a few of the topics that will be covered:
• How “hackers” get into your system
• What tools they use
• How a hacker can effectively “Bug” your house via your
computer. (Don’t believe me, read on you’ll be very
• What information they have access to. And why you
should try to protect yourself. (You might be surprised to
find out what they know.)
• Tips and tricks that hackers use
• How your Antivirus software alone is not enough
• What to look for if you suspect you’re being hacked
• What the greatest flaw to all computers are
• And more…

By no means am I going to make a ludicrous claim that this
manual will protect you from everything. What I will say is that
by reading this manual hopefully you will be in a better situation
to protect yourself from having your information compromised.
Did you know it doesn’t matter if you’re connected to the net
24hrs a day or 15 min’s a day your system is vulnerable. Not
only is it vulnerable in that 15 min’s you can possibly loose all
your data get locked out of your own system and have all your
confidential information like your “Bank Account Numbers”, “Your
Budget”, “Your personal home address” compromised.
Don’t give me wrong, I’m not trying to throw you into a state of
paranoia either. What I am saying is that if you’re not careful
you leave yourself open to a wide range of attacks.